Massive update for Retro Space Ball

Beta 1.6.8 IS HERE!!!

Physics code revamped and graphics adjusted for first 12 levels

Ball physics are less floaty

Changed how ball looks when shot

Ball sprite is now animated 

Player moves faster

Sidewalls send ball in the other direction slightly

New sprite anim for squidge enemy

New particles for squidge enemy

Trail renderer for enemy shots

Trail renderer for player boost

Trail renderer for ball

Impact powerup is more noticeable

3 new levels (in beta menu)

Fire button is now South face button on gamepads

Boost button is now East face button on gamepads

SFX for player shot

New BGM track

Mech Enemy

Marble Enemy

Wall Laser mechanic

Tube mechanic

Spinner wall mechanic

Changed how level end animation works

Gravity pickup now provides 3 uses

Changed end to lev 1

Changed end to lev 12

Added parallax backgrounds to first 12 levels

Please note:

Tutorials are temporarily removed

Bonus stages, old beta levels, and vs mode still use old physics temporarily

Vs mode character select is not working temporarily

Demo Mode is not working temporarily

Scoreboard “Kills” ui is not accurate temporarily

Thanks everyone for your patience, I've been hard at work these past 5 months. In the future I plan to keep updates more consistent on a monthly or near monthly basis. Hopefully this is the last update that requires months of work without updates. 
More updates are on the way!

Please provide feedback on the changes I've made! 😃

Rik O.

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