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Retro Space Ball is an EARLY ACCESS top down shooter merged with classic Pinball. Test an early alpha build here on your browser, or download the installer for android. also there is an executable for windows.


W: Fire (hold for continuous)

A:Left << (twice to dash)

D:Right >>(twice to dash)

(On mobile the controls are GUI buttons and self explanatory! Double tap to dash!)


The player has shield that can be taken by enemy, their shots, and the orb.

The orb has an energy level that is depleted by enemy shots and increased by player shots. If the orb runs out of energy, it dies, and so does the player. (a red-orange orb has low energy, a blue orb has high energy)

The pick ups have some flaws (also the pickup text gets cut off on the web build)


green=rate+1 (for now (will be speed))

yellow= rate + 1 (for now (will be bullet size increase))

orange= impact + 1

red = rate + 1

blue = shield +1.

This is still a really early version of the game (the very first web build), but fear not, because I'm going to update it very often, and soon there will be something far more complete. Please give me some feedback so I can make a better game! 

There are only 2 levels so far. There is a shortcut to level two on the start screen if you press the dimmed continue button. ;)

known bugs:

Pushing the orb through the player collider breaks the game. (working on this)

The bullets change when you get a ton of pickups (its a broken part of the pickups)

the pickups need some work (as I've mentioned above)

there are probably more. If you find any please let me know!


 :) :) :)

Install instructions

To play on Android devices, download the Android APK file on this page! It should load automatically. (you may need to delete the old version to update)

For the PC standalone executable just download, unzip and launch the exe file! 

Play off the grid and away from the browser now!


Android RetroSpaceBall a0.7.0.apk 23 MB
PC RetroSpaceBall a0.7.0.zip 16 MB

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