...When a pixel art vertical shooter is combined with pinball to twist the genre!
BETA 1.0.6 IS HERE! 

I must say... THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR TIPPING! I'm blown away and speechless! This is extremely motivating. It's not about the money, which is indeed helpful. It's all about the support! If you're not in a position to tip, that is fine! If you would like to help me, rating the game and following/joining the discord goes a very long way. Or you can share the link or tell a friend! The more players the better!

Controls should be quicker on this build for PC and WebGL. Still debugging the Android build, sorry.

Unfortunately I (still) couldn't get Vs mode debugged in time for this update. I'm as bummed as you and will release it as soon as possible!

As always if there is anything getting past me PLEASE let me know! I'm super grateful for all the feedback I've gotten thus far and would LOVE to hear what you have to say! Even if its negative, or you found a bug. Join the discord and say hi!

There are some button selection glitches with the Android build, but it has no affect on gameplay.

On the WebGL build the links must be clicked (controller wont open them)

The PC build can go vertical either in windowed mode or on a vertical monitor! just stretch the window to achieve this. (vertical works very well for the game)   :)

Thank you, not only for your patience, but also for all the help I've received from testers!

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Data saved in  Web GL game is not retrievable after an update... Sorry in advance! 
The game is, after all, still in development, and gets updated often. 

If you do happen to loose your data, you can click on where it says the word "beta" under the title at the main menu to unlock all the levels. Thanks for continuing to play!

Retro Space Ball  is currently in EARLY ACCESS. Test the beta build here on your browser, or download the APK installer for android . Also there is an executable for windows.



(W) or (Up Arrow) : Fire (hold for continuous)

(A) or (Left Arrow)  : Move Ship Left 

(D) or (Right Arrow) : Move Ship Right 

Holding (Spacebar) while moving left or right will allow you to dash .

Esc key to pause & access options (back button (right bottom button) on android)

(On mobile the controls are an invisible slider the size of the screen. You can tap or slide on the left or right of the screen. Double tap to dash! Touching the screen shoots!)

Gamepad controls may depend on your controller type. On a Playstation controller the left analog controls movement, (X) button shoots and hold (O) button while moving to dash. Start button pauses. 



Get the orb to the top!

The player has a cyan shield that can be taken by enemies and their shots. 

The orb has an energy level that is depleted by enemy shots and increased by player shots. If the orb runs out of energy, it dies, and so does the player. (a blinking red-orange orb has low energy, a blue orb has high energy)

If the orb falls to the bottom of the level, the player will die.


magenta =spread shot (15 seconds)

green = bullets get faster (15 seconds)

yellow = larger bullets (15 seconds)

orange = impact on ball increases (15 seconds)

red = fire rate increase (15 seconds)

blue = shield +1 



All feedback is appreciated!


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