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Download-arrow-for-itch-page-Clear...When a pixel art vertical shooter meets pinball!!! 
Navigate an energized orb to the top using powerups!
Fight massive bosses and get the highest score!
Go head to head against the AI
or a couch opponent in VS Mode!
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Wish-listing and telling your friends helps just as much! 

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BETA 1.5.7 IS HERE!!!  
Fixed player locking bug in local vs mode!
Balanced fire rate to be more equal in local vs mode!
BETA 1.5.6 IS HERE!!!  
Fixed pause not working after level 6!

Thanks, Surfacner, for finding that one!


BETA 1.5.5 IS HERE!!! 
Fixed soft locking bug involving boost gate in zone 6!

Thank you, Two Dog Games,  for reporting the bug!


BETA 1.5.4 IS HERE!!! 
More polished space station art and audio!
More functions in pause menu!
More precise ball physics!
Fixed wall issues in vs mode!
Some scenes smoothly fade in now!
First animations for level select screen!
Smarter vs mode AI!
Fixed removed "pause button bug" from tutorials!
Fixed "return to main menu bug" where menu is frozen.
Polished and added to credits!
New "credits" background music!
Fixed stars showing through in cutscene!

BETA 1.5.3 IS HERE!!! 
Fixed soft locking bug in space station!


BETA 1.5.2  IS HERE!!! 

Fixed story mode breaking bug that affected new players only!

Thanks Lucas LaMarr for finding it!
BETA 1.5.1  IS HERE!!! 
Fixed a bug blocking off parts of bonus levs 3,4,7, and pinball mode!
Thanks, TechieCrow for finding the bug super quick!


BETA 1.5.0  IS HERE!!! 
New level type for testing!
New art!
New "sand-falls" mechanic!
New SFX!
New collision checks for player and bullets!
VS AI Mode Player Character Select!
Locked Lateral Camera movement on narrow levels!
Fixed Boss Particles on level 10
fixed Boss Shots on level 10
Skip-able intro cutscene for level 1!
Space Station menu with dialog implemented!
Fixed jukebox bug where jukebox controls were left active!
Red switch  and enemy drone death SFX turned down!
Fixed rare bug where spread speed shot was going through the ball!
Steam page link added to main menu!


EVEN, Even more fresh game music!
Vs mode Levels!
More bonus Levels!
Online PVP over Parsec using discord to schedule! Starting now! 
Join our friendly community!
 Expect many more updates!

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The game can go vertical... 
in either windowed mode or on a vertical monitor! just stretch the window to achieve this. (vertical works very well for the game)   :)


Thank you, not only for your patience, but also for all the help I've received from players and the indie game dev community! 


Retro Space Ball  is currently in OPEN BETA
This means that it is not a finished product and that it's subject to change. 
Games can take a long time to make.
Thank you for your patience! :)
(W) or (Up Arrow) : Fire (hold for continuous)
(A) or (Left Arrow)  : Move Ship Left 
(D) or (Right Arrow) : Move Ship Right 
Boost - (spacebar or gamepad button) 
Boosting will temporarily shield the player's ship, increase horizontal movement , and increase the fire rate for the player, but boosting can cause the ship to overheat, and it will need to cool down if so.
Esc key to pause & access options (back button (right bottom button) on android)
Gamepad controls may depend on your controller type. On a Playstation controller the left analog controls movement, (X) button shoots and hold (O) button while moving to boost. Start button pauses. Testing on Xbox controllers soon!
Get the orb to the top!
The player has a cyan shield that can be taken by enemies and their shots. 
The orb has an energy level that is depleted by enemy shots and increased by player shots. If the orb runs out of energy, it dies, and so does the player. (a blinking red-orange orb has low energy, a blue orb has high energy)
If the orb falls to the bottom of the level, the player will die.
magenta =spread shot (15 seconds)
green = bullets get faster (15 seconds)
yellow = larger bullets (15 seconds)
orange = impact on ball increases (15 seconds)
red = fire rate increase (15 seconds)
blue = shield +1 
The first 7 levels have hidden bonus rounds attached! 
Find the hidden gold medal in those levels to unlock the bonus round!

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Difficult, gamepad, pinball, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone
LinksTwitch, Youtube, Twitter, Homepage, Patreon


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