Retro Space Ball beta 1.6.6!!

Hey everyone! 
I just updated Retro Space Ball! Sorry for the delay.. 
I recently relocated and have been dealing with family issues so things have been a little slower than I prefer.
I moved back in to my moms basement to help while she cant drive due to a seizure caused by her recent brain cancer. 
On top of chauffer duties, I have been helping to take care of her 2 cats Faith and Lulu as well as her dog Bonnie.
However I've gotten a great deal done and I cant wait to hear your feedback on the new and improved beta demo!
I want to apologize for anyone whos been frustrated by any bugs they found in the last build..
But thank you so much for playing and helping me find the bugs! This build is more polished because of your help!

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Beta 1.6.6 IS HERE!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Planet 2 is now discoverable to play zones 6-12 in story mode
Fixed zone 12 boss firing too many bullets with full health
Fixed Some UI issues (across the game)
Temporarily removed galaxy map to ease confusion
Prevent player from pausing during win animation
Fixed issue in solar system map causing it to lock up
Fixed issue where ball was knocking player off of the screen
Fixed zone 6 and 10 not working in demo mode
Gravity circle power up can be picked up by ball or player
Added more enemies to zone 8
Fixed zone 6 and 7 player sprite remaining after death
Fixed vs mode UI issue where highlight would stay on
Fixed safe wall under zone 10 boss not turning on
Fixed lighting sprites sorting on top of pickup sprites
Fixed clear data button removing highlight in options menu
Fixed some sprite issues with large asteroids in explore  mode
Space station waits until the player is active to show UI
Added downforce to problematic walls near zone 12 boss' arms
Added more bumpers to zone 10 level end
Fixed space station menu from changing when not at the menu
Time now stops when the teleport menu opens
Polished end of cutscene 1 and get ready UI
Fixed issue where player cant shoot in explore mode
Fixed issues with pinball in explore mode

Thanks again, for helping me to develop this crazy game!
I'm having a blast making it, and I hope you're having fun testing it and seeing it develop!
As always I'm all ears to any feedback or issues!
Feel free to reach out here or on discord or twitter! 


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Jun 07, 2022

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