Retro Space Ball beta 1.6.4!!

Beta 1.6.4 IS HERE!!!

Homing missiles now hit obstacles
Navigational text UI
Fixed player shield attack
Fixed bonus lev 5 start
Homing missiles now destroy destructible blocks
Fixed issue with debris field causing duplicate sprites
Fixed zone 9 player moving off bottom of screen
Fixed left and right animations acting funny for d-pad
Fixed zone 7 lighting going through safe wall
Widened tight squeeze colliders in zone 7
Fixed shield gen not working
Lowered player move down zone in zone 10
Changed how first level is discovered in story mode
Changed how intro cutscene occurs in story mode
Level design changes to explore mode


Very sorry for the delay on this update!
I shoot for monthly updates but things were not where I wanted them to be in time. I just needed a couple extra weeks. I even stopped the part time work I was doing modding, for the time being, so I could get caught up on RSB and deal with life for a bit.

I've been dealing with some family issues recently...
The death of my grandma, and now my mother was just diagnosed with brain cancer after the removal of tumor.

Thank you everyone for your patience, the game is still getting worked on!
Play it and let me know what you think! Hearing players opinions greatly keep me going!


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Apr 11, 2022 120 MB
Apr 11, 2022

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