Retro Space Ball beta 1.6.2!!

Beta 1.6.2 IS HERE!!!

D-pad support is finally here!
New enemies art and world layout for explore mode!
Some enemies drop minerals!
Enemy space station in explore mode!
Rhythm Space Ball prototype in beta menu!
Green level 4 in beta menu!
New enemy type!
New homing missile enemy attack!
Merchant ship added to Explore Mode!

Thanks for testing and providing feedback!!!😃👍

Rik O.

I left b1.5.7 available unless anyone still needs it to un-bug a bugged game. 
If your game soft-locks on a black screen then its bugged!
try the clear data button in the options menu.. it will close the game. 
Next time you open it, it should be fixed.
If all that doesn't work and your still facing issues.. download and play b1.5.7 and load a level.. exit and then try the latest build.
Super strange thing... but it will un-bug a bugged game... just in case 

Files 115 MB
Sep 20, 2021 112 MB
Sep 20, 2021 119 MB
Jan 31, 2022 116 MB
Jan 31, 2022

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