Retro Space Ball beta 1.6.0!!

So this update is fixing two things that were very wrong in the last build..

First I want to thank ParaDymeTV for bringing this first bug to my attention. 
New players were not able to play the game! It was soft locking before letting any new players play.
Its was targeting new players because I had accidentally programmed it to look for game data before new players had their game data created. so it was crashing there for them, and loading the player data from the previous play through when ever returning players played. 
There is a method I use to test this but I was only doing half the process I discovered. 
If you would like to fully test the game as if you have never played, Ive made a gif to explain how this works.
You have to delete the GameDetails.dat found in Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\WAVGames\Retro Space Ball
AND (this is where I made the mistake) modify a specific hasSavedData boolean using windows Registry Editor 
The boolean is just some playerpref setting I made to keep track of if you have saved data or not, but the way things work rn, to clear the data completely as if it never existed both steps, to my knowledge, must be taken. Using the clear data button in the options menu just replaces the GameDetails.dat with an empty one. 
You may want to make a copy of your GameDetails.dat if you plan to keep your game data. 
here is a gif making it easy incase you want to try for yourself, if the game stops working for you, please let me know!
Reach out to me if you have question!


Second I noticed that there was something wrong with the keyboard controls and they were quite different from the joystick controls.. I'm still not exactly sure how this occurred but it should be fixed now. 

On a side note I lost 11 days worth of code and unity design work due to a Unity crash that happened while I was applying changes to the game manager prefab, which is quite nested. When I opened up the project, post crash, everything was messed up and the half of the most important things (like the "Player" and "MainCamera" game objects)  were "missing" in the editor.  What I should have done here was made a copy of all the scripts I made in the last week, but that slipped my mind, and I was not entirely sure I could roll back the changes, so I focused on that. I got everything to where it was 11 days ago, much further than id like, and started over on the hot fixing I was doing when it broke. I lost an entirely new level type with entirely new mechanics left with only the art assets and video clips of how everything looked with the scripts and everything working in unity... So I'm a little sad about that, but I'm SUPER grateful the project can live on despite this tiny setback in the grand scheme of things. 

If you are a unity dev, learn from my mistake here and push your changes before you go applying changes to prefabs, because there is a chance the prefab could break. 

Thanks for the help everyone! I hope this experience is a more polished one!


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