Explore in Retro Space Ball!

Retro Space Ball Beta 1.5.8 is here!!!

Explore mode is open! Locate it in the space station menu!
New art, mechanics,  features, and top down gameplay in explore mode!
Shoot and avoid asteroids as they seem to multiply!
Watch for aliens as well as speeding asteroids!
mine the asteroids to collect minerals!
Use the Space station menu to select your level!
New art and animations in level select menu!
New water level in beta menu
New water mechanic includes buoyancy and surface tension!
Waterfall mechanic raises water level!
New Spikes Mechanic!
New multi field play level!
Demo mode! now the game plays it self if you let it sit at the title!
New Precision Timer calculates hundredths of a second!
Buggy annoying "Bubble Piston" SFX removed!
 Fixed dialog not appearing correct on 16:10 screens!
removed extra background stars form level 11!
Updated camera's pixel rendering method! Should be more crisp!
WebGL build is working!!

If you haven't yet, pleas wishlist on steam!

Also now you can rate the game on newgrounds!

Thanks everyone for all the help!!

Keep those bug reports rolling in! 




RSB_win64_b1.5.8.zip 116 MB
Oct 23, 2021
RSB_win32_b1.5.8.zip 113 MB
Oct 23, 2021
RSB_WebGL_b1.5.8.1 (2).zip 59 MB
Oct 23, 2021

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