50th beta update for Retro Space Ball!!!

BETA 1.5.0  IS HERE!!! 

New level type for testing!
New art!
New "sand-falls" mechanic!
New SFX!
New collision checks for player and bullets!
VS AI mode player character select!
Locked lateral camera movement on narrow levels!
Fixed boss particles on level 10
fixed boss shots on level 10
Skip-able intro cutscene for level 1!
Space station menu with dialog implemented!
Fixed jukebox bug where jukebox controls were left active!
Red switch  and enemy drone death SFX turned down!
Fixed rare bug where spread speed shot was going through the ball!
Steam page link added to main menu!

Helping to gather wish-lists on Steam is the very best way you can  help Retro Space Ball right now! 
Thanks so much for the support! 😃

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback! on here  on itch or on the discord, which is growing!

Take care everyone!
Happy testing!!



RSB_Win64_b1.5.0.zip 111 MB
Aug 15, 2021
RSB_win32_b1.5.0.zip 108 MB
Aug 15, 2021

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