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Retro Space Ball

Cosmic vertical shooter meets Pinball! · By RikOclon


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Version b1.0.4 Released!
This Update includes keyboard/controller support for the menus! No more clicking the next level button with the mouse! I fixed a few little things and played w...
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Version b1.0.3 released!
This new set of builds should fix the errors that the last build could not seem to fix! It turns out it was not a Unity bug at all, but an issue I created, myse...
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Win Update 1.0.2
In hopes to fix a bug that was reported on a couple of occasions I've updated Unity and rebuilt the Windows version of the game. There should not be any real ch...
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Beta update 1.0.1!!!
I updated the controls and released the mobile version of the beta! After receiving some helpful feedback on the previous controls being too sluggish, I decided...
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First Beta Release for Retro Space Ball!!
After months of tearing down and rebuilding systems, the first beta release is finally available! I'd be super pleased if you checked it out and let me know wha...
GUI updates for Retro Space Ball!
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Cosmic vertical shooter meets Pinball!
Save Game Update for Android and PC Released
Now you can save your progress on Android and PC! Still free! Enjoy! Hit me with feedback!
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Alpha 1.0.0 Released For Web!
Now you can save your progress on the Web GL version of the game. PC and Android update coming soon!
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